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About Us

Branislav Sekulović

Director, Senior Environmental Consultant

Branislav is an environmental hydrogeologist with 25 years’ experience in consulting, teaching and research. He has an extensive record in environmental impact assessments (EIAs), environmental analyses of industrial, energy, infrastructure projects (including water & sanitation) and hydrogeological investigation of groundwater resources.

He has delivered EIAs according to requirements of EU Directives, Serbian legislation and IFI’s requirements. His area of expertise also includes evaluation of groundwater pollution sources, groundwater protection and soil and groundwater remediation. Branislav has been working as an environmental expert on a variety of projects funded by the EU Commission delegation in Serbia. 

Maja Simov

Director, Senior Environmental Consultant

Maja has a background in environmental management and 20 years’ experience in the fields of environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), environmental and health and safety due diligence, and compliance audits. Maja’s work involves all aspects of ESIA including environmental and social action plans, environmental management plans, and performance compliance assessments according to the requirements of IFIs.

She has a strong track in environmental assessments of industrial and commercial properties both in Serbia and the region. Her experience also includes development and auditing of environmental management systems according to the international standards including ISO 14001. 

Technical Experts

Technical experts we have been cooperating with are experienced and reliable professionals. Their fields of expertise include: air quality modeling, hydrology, biodiversity assessment, hydrobiology, hydrogeological field investigations, REACH, noise and vibrations assessment, etc.